If you’re looking for a new Gadget for your USB-C Device, just read our review. Today we want to give you some information about a really cheap USB-C Hub which costs less than 20 Euros. It works with Windows PCs and also Macs. We use it here with our newest Device, our MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, we are unable to connect regular USB-C Drives and Sticks within the Device without a Hub, so that’s the reason why we’ve bought one. Have fun with our little Test / Review.

Normally we buy items and start to use it but in this case – we thought it could be helpful to give you a little overview of this Device. Normally this kind of USB-C Hubs cost much more. If you’re looking on several pages, you can find this little helper for up to 100 Euros. That’s insane. So we looked at different pages and found this one on Ebay. It costs us less than 17 Euros. Sounds good or not? Well, the price is good but how is the quality? We will see. But first – let’s get serious again:

But first, let’s talk about specs

  • Type: USB-C Hub
  • Connection Output Type: USB-C Type 3.1
  • Connection Input: USB-C 3.1, 2x USB 3.0, SD-Card Slot and MicroSD Card Slot
  • Size: 9,55 x 2,5 x 1,2 cm (l-d-h)
  • Weight: 35 grammes

Maybe you’ll get a little bit worry about the price and especially the quality but the materials what they’Ve used are very good. It feels very good and stable. But there is one thing which isn’t good. Because the Hub is using just one USB-C slot, it’s a little bit slack. But we have a workaround for that too. Just use the Device and your Hub only then, if you have a good and hard subsoil. Otherwise, it could happen that you break something out of the Hub or your Laptop. But with a table underneath, nothing will happen. With a table below, you’re able to plug in and plug out – cables, cards or sticks.

Attention: Our USB Stick is able to read and write with max. 40 MB/S.

Test with 2GB

Scenario 1: We’ve used a file with 2,1 GB and send them from the PC to our USB 3 Stick. Our stick was able to reach 22,5 MB/s. That’s okay for regular sticks. But when we send the file back from the Stick to the PC, we were able to get 37,4 MB/s. That’s fine for the little guy.  But what happens if we use our stick with the USB-C Hub into the USB-C Slot from our MacBook Pro? Well, if you have a look at our pictures, you see, that Blackmagic Disk Speed gives us 26,4 MBs for writing and unbelievable 116,9 MB/s for reading. Well, we were unable to reproduce this reading speed on our PC, so we can’t confirm this speed at this time.

Test with 4GB

Scenario 2: Now we want to use a little bigger file. We are using from now on a 4GB file. We can reach again from PC to our Stick a maximum speed of 22,3 MB/s and backwards 37,7 MB/s Almost the same as for smaller files, right? Also, the Test on our MacOS Device shows mostly the same thing. We are able to reach 23,9 MB/s for writing and again unbelievable 118,4 MB/s while reading.

What we can see is, that we don’t lose much transfer speed with the Hub. That’s a good thing we guess. But you also can see, that this Gadget is just for transfer files from A to B and not to work on additional connected things like cards, or sticks. Well, yes you can – but just simple editing. Not for bigger projects. But why did we haven’t used High-tech Sticks for the test? Well, we are a magazine for consumers, so we use things, which you also have at home. Regular Sticks, Cards and more. That’s the reason we used this stick.


But let’s get to our final point, the result. If you want to edit some text documents or photos on drives, sticks or cards, you will be more than happy with this cheap USB-C Hub. Also if you want to make Backups or little video Editing for short clips. That will work absolutely fine. But as soon you start to work on bigger projects like 4K Footage or 8K Things or PSD files with more than 15 layers – forget it. It probably works but you don’t want to wase that much of time for waiting.

For bigger projects – we highly recommend that you should use the internal drive from your Device or directly an external USB-C Drive or a USB-C Case with a SATA 3 HDD. Otherwise, you’ll get very fast bored because of the speed. If you want to buy this thing – you just can find it on Ebay. That’s the place /



Funktionsumfang / Features


Aussehen / Design


Verarbeitung / Quality


Geschwindigkeit / Speed


Preis / Price



  • Preis / Price
  • Design
  • Funktionsumfang / Features


  • Übertragungsrate / Data transfer rate
  • Etwas wackelig / A little bit lose
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