Well, there we are again – great isn’t it? Well, for this article we have some amazing article for you, which we wanna show you right now. Maybe you’ve read already our past article about the Yeelight LED Bulb? Of course, you have! Where we have already written, that we wanna upgrade the setup so we’ve bought another Smart Light Product from our favorite company #Xiaomi. It is called #Yeelight LED Strip. After 4 weeks of shipping, our article has finally arrived. In this article, we also show you, where you can use this light strip. A few sentences are already known from our previous article, we’ve copied them directly because the setup is 100% the same. Have Fun!

We already told you, that these items are not must-have items (click here for the previous Review), that’s also not the reason why this product is produced by there manufacturers. But they make your life and a few tasks a little bit easier and modern and they increase the amount of your home. Sounds also good or not? In the Review below, we wanna show you a little bit about the #Xiaomi Yeelight LED Strip. The Setup is really easy and you already know how to setup things through our last test. But we also wanna give you a few tips for the setup and use a few phrases from our previous text. But now, let’s get serious and talk a little bit about the specs.


  • Product: Xiaomi Yeelight LED Strip
  • Energy: Stromstecker (CN Plug)
  • Power: 12 Watt / Stand-By 0,8 Watt
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Colours: 16 Millionen
  • Features: Dimmen, Wlan / WiFi / Sprachsteuerung / App-Steuerung
  • Light: RGBW
  • Weight: 0,15 KG / 0,47 KG w. package
  • Length: 2 Meter + Stromanschluss
  • Box + content : LED Strip, CN Plug, EU Plug, Quick Start Guide, Warranty-card



As soon as the #LightStrip has arrived at your home, it’s time to do the setup thing. First of all you have to unbox your item and then you should open your tablet or smartphone. It must have either Android or iOS, if not you’ll have a big problem, because you can’t setup the bulb without the #Xiaomi App on a Smartphone or Tablet. I know –it’s frustrating. The setup will be completely in English. Good for you.

But please take care that you’ll register the Xiaomi Mi Account on Singapore or US, it won’t work with Mainland China. Now you can speculate why that’s so. You must choose the two options, otherwise Google Home or Alexa are unable to find the smart device. When yourbulb is initialized and ready for usage, it looks like that:


Advice: Please change the name of your LED Bulb within the app, because it makes it much easier to use it in the future via voice control. Only if you have one lamp, it is not necessary but as soon you have more than 1, it can produce trouble. Remember: Within the Alexa App, you can also create Group like: Living Room, Office etc.

The variant can be used when you have more than one bulb in different rooms, so you don’t have to create for each light a separate Group or Room in your App. In our Office, we are able to control the LED bulb within two controls. We can use the word Stehlampe“ to control only this bulb, or we can say for example:Wohnzimmer“ – which means Living room. That’s great, when you have more than one smart light in your room. You can control them all within one keyword. In this example: Just a room.


Great, you’ve almost done, that was the hardest part. Now you have to go into your #Amazon Skill Shop and must activate the #YeelightSkill. Check out the picture below. Skills are for free, you don’t have to pay for them.






As soon as you’ve activated the Skill, please wait between 1-3 minutes, so the Echo or Echo Dot can sync with the cloud.  Afterwards you can open your app and click on the menu Smart Home. The following options will be visible.








Now you have to select the option Add Device (our picture shows the German Version Gerät hinzufügen). As soon as you’ve started the process, you have to wait 20-30 seconds. Please don’t stop the App meanwhile, otherwise you must repeat this step over and over.







After this step, the App shows you beside the Add Device Button a new button with your light. In our case you can see the bulb Stehlampe. If your light is now connected to Wi-Fi and a power cord – you can finally start to control your light or lights with Alexa and your amazing voice.







As soon as you’ve initialized the Rooms or Devices, it looks similar to that.











So, your #Yeelight #LightStrip is now ready. But you should update the strip to the latest Software Version, otherwise, you are unable to give the Device voice commands to reduce brightness or change colours. You only can use the basic features like turn on and turn off the light.


And yes, of course, there must be one big negative aspect of this product. In this case, we want to give you one tiny important advice. Please buy a new adapter for using the cn plug on your EU Plug Socket. Don’t try to put in the cn plug into your EU Plug, it also won’t work with a lot of power. It’s too dangerous and your insurance won’t pay for it because it’s not a usual usage. I mean, we are happy that the company gives us this free EU Plug adapter to use the device but this little item has no proof sign on it and it’s really cheap. We’ve decided to buy a better one, because we were afraid, that our flat will otherwise begin to burn with this shitty adapter.

We’ve used this little plug once in our socket but it was really dangerous. The socket made a strange sound and it was also hard, to pull out again this adapter. Don’t use them. There are better adapters available. We think this little plug is a real risk and extremely dangerous. That’s the reason why we’ve bought another one. This one cost between 7-10 Euros, is produced in the EU and Switzerland and includes also the regular proof standards for CE and GS. Now we feel safer that the flat won’t burn down when we are not in our office. It feels amazing if you can leave your flat without bad thoughts. Please take a look at the pictures below about the plug.

The video below gives you a quick overview about the features with the latest Software Update.


We are happy again with this product It works fine, features are available and voice commands are amazing again. The setup is really simple. But the included EU Plug is a big no-no and we have to reduce our Points. It’s a potential risk, and we only can say, please don’t use it – buy a better one. That’s also the reason, why we’ve reduced the points a second time because of good adapter costs between 7-10 Euro. That means your product is getting a little bit more expensive but you don’t must be afraid because of some damages in the future. We also reduced the points a third time, because the shipping time took too long. We must wait over a month. In the first month, Gearbest was unable to track our package with the Tracking ID, but 5 days before the item has arrived, they were able to track the package. That means – the product gets from us 7.8 from 10 Points.


Funktionsumfang / Functions




Sicherheit / Safety


Versand / Shipping time



  • Preis / Price
  • Design
  • Echo Dot Kompatibilität / Echo Dot compatible


  • Zusätzlicher Stromstecker nötig / additional Plug required
  • Versanddauer / Shipping time
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