We’ve already informed about different Smart-Home products, different Accessories and more. But what is now with the Equipment, which you already have? For example, regular bulbs which are not so smart than modern ones? Well, we found a great solution for that. As we looked through the web, we found a nice product from eQ-3, which is called: “Homematic IP Starter Set Licht” That means it’s a Starter-Kit from Homematic IP which gives you the possibility to use regular lamps and lights via Smartphone and your voice. Sounds great. That was the reason why we’ve sent the guys from eQ-3 a request for a Test-Kit and for a future cooperation. In this review, we want to show you how to install the Kit and how to install and use it. Have fun with our Review.


Today we are happy that we can test with you the latest received Product in the #Technichub office. It is called “Homematic IP Starter Set Licht” – Homematic IP Starter Kit for Lights. But you’ll ask yourself right now why we are testing again a product about Smart-Home Light-control, right? Well, there is a special reason for that. This Kit allows you to use your regular bulbs at home. You don’t have to buy special lights and bulbs, just use your own one which you’ve already purchased. Sounds great or not? Yes, it does. But before we start with our amazing test, we’ll give you a little overview of the technical specs for this article:


-Device is only for use with regular bulbs and lights (nothing else)

-Access-Point for power cord and Lan cable

-Access-Point will generate a connection to the Homematic IP Cloud

-Easy to use with your Smartphone and Tablet (Android and iOS)

-Compatible with #Amazon #Alexa and #GoogleHome (maybe too with #Apples #Homepod)

-2 wireless Plugs with on and off Button

-Reduce the light in 0,5% steps

-868 Mhz protocol

-Additional Homematic IP Products and compatible with other ones

-Box Content: 2 Plugs, 1 Access-Point, Manual, QR-Codes, LAN-Cable, Power wire

Setup / Initialization for the Starter Set:

Normally you say that the hardest thing is always the beginning, but not today and not for this product. Just open the box and start to do your stuff. We recommend that you setup the box in the near of your Router or Modem because the included cable isn’t so long. It should also be placed in the near of a power plug because the Access-Point (in the following AP) needs power. The first step is that you’ll connect your AP with the power-supply and the LAN cable with the router and your Power Plug. That’s it. There is also an assistant, which does the hard work for you.To show you how easy it is and what’s in the box, you can check out the Video below but be prepared, it’s completely in German but we’re pretty sure that you’ll get it.

This assistant will guide you from now on through all steps. At the beginning, your AP will flicker a few times until he is configured. Then he will light constantly in blue. Don’t worry if you see at the beginning all kind of colours, that’s normal. In this step, the AP will start to create a connection to the Network and the IP Cloud. Afterwards – it’s done – your Access Point is done and ready to use. But it does nothing for the moment, so that’s the reason why you should now start to configure the Plugs which are included in the box. So, you take one plug and put it into the wall-plug. This Device will also flicker a few times until it’s connected to the AP. But please remember the 4 last digits on the backside on the plug, because you’ll need the 4 numbers in a few minutes. But there are also 2 QR-Codes included, one of them matches for each plug, you have to use the right one, the 4 digits will stand below the QR-Code.

For this reason, we’ve created another Video in German too with the initialization process. But because we know, that not everyone is able to understand it, we’ll give you a little guide for it.

  • Download and install the #Homematic IP App from your favourite App Store (Google Play Store / Apple iTunes Store)
  • Open the App
  • The App wants now that you install the AP, you have to click on the button on the AP
  • After the process, you are in the main menu, now you have to click on the first point, that means you can initialize new devices.
  • At this point, you should plug in your plugs into your socket. The App can now find your new plugs, then you must use your 4-digit code to link it to the app and the AP.
  • If you now want to connect it to the Voice-Assistant, you must download the Skill from for example the Amazon Alexa Skill store. Just look for Homematic IP and activate the skill.
  • Just follow the steps, link it to your account and your done, from now on you are able to control the plug with your voice.

As soon as you’ve configurated everything, you can start, or not? Well, of course, but you should rename your Plugs and rooms immediately, especially if you want it to use with Smart-Home Assistants. Otherwise, your Smart Assistant will turn on everything in this room, for example: turn on the dining room.

But now it’s the time – Showdown – you can do daily business stuff with your new device. Let’s turn on the lights!

Most of the users are absolutely happy with the basic functions like turn on and off the light, reduce the brightness to x % or set a timer for turning on and off. It will get a little bit more tricky if you want to set different rules for different plugs in different rooms or also in the same. But it’s also easy, but you should invest a few minutes for this progress, otherwise, it won’t work correctly. In our Demo Video you’ll see that there is a little delay between the Tetris lamp and the Voice Command, but don’t worry – it has nothing to do with the Kit, it’s a problem from our Tetris light, that’s also the problem with the flickering. On regular devices – you won’t have this issue.

But the app can do much more things for you. With your Smartphone you are able to set different profiles for your complete flat or office. You can create separate rooms with a bunch of different rules. With this feature, you can create a lot of timers. But you are also able to do Firmware-Updates for the AP and the Plugs. Just check it out every few weeks. Maybe there will be a notification for that too bat we didn’t were able to make an update. We already used the latest Version. Another great thing is that you can do with your unique profiles so many things. Especially the possibility to set rules for every plug is amazing. You have the full control of this Devices.

If you want to get light and more brightness if the sun starts, just create a rule for it, the same if the sun goes down. Just create another task for it. It’s simple – it’s fast and it makes a lot of fun. Trust us, there are so many things you can do. Another important fact is, that you can combine your Starter Kit Light with other Products of the Homematic IP Product line. There are so many other products available. Regular plugs for little Devices, but also Control modules for your heater or your window and more. Impossible possibilities.

Please note:

We want to inform you, that you only should use the Starter Kit for Lights with Lights, otherwise it will happen that your Plugs are getting defective and from them they are useless. We had this issue at the beginning. We from technichub are also here to try to do more with the products – so we thought we can create a smart kitchen machine. Well – we failed, really badly. As soon as we plugged in the kitchen machine, our plug flickers 6 times in red. We checked out the Guide/manual and this red flickering means your plug is defective. So that means, don’t make the same mistake as we did, just use this one for lights like Tetris light, Christmas lights or another one with a regular power wire.

Starter Set Light Kitchen Machine

Only for regular lamps: 

We’ve asked the guys from eQ-3 whether this was an error from the product and the chip or did we made this and it was our fault, we knew it because we also checked out before the manual but as a fan of technology and a tester, you have to try it, otherwise you’ll never no it. eQ-3 was really understandable and send us a new separate plug for our test, photos and more. Thanks again to the great team for this, it helped us to complete our video and the review too. If you having questions about the product and which devices you can use with it, don’t be shy, just send your question to the Customer Support. They will come back asap to you with a good answer and examples. And its also better to ask before you have a defective plug and must buy a third one. Because we also want you to have fun with the Starter Set


Making smart lights without smart devices can be hard and before we checked out this product – we thought it’s impossible. But it isn’t. With the Homematic IP Starter Kit for lights, you are able to solve this issue and get this Job done. You don’t have to buy new lights and other things, this set will do the rest for you after you’ve purchased it. But we were a little bit frustrated about the issue with the missing feature to change colours with our Xiaomi Yeelight LED Lamps in our IKEA Lamp. Maybe there will be an update or another Code snipped available to control and add this feature but so far, you just can change the brightness, turn it on and off and set rules. Changing colours from yellow to blue, for example, is right now impossible. You must fix this with your Xiaomi App or with a third Party Skill from your Device Manufacturer.

What we really liked were the handling, the fast installation and the fast reaction between the AP and the plugs. With the button and the light in the corner, you were able to turn it on or off with the app, your voice or you’ve pushed the button. It reacts really fast with regular lights. Well – now you now our Tetris light wasn’t that good but it’s absolutely okay. But the most important fact or question is: Does your need this kind of Kit to make your home/office or whatever smart? Well, yes and now. Yes if you are addicted to technical things and want to do it right and have a little bit of money which you can invest. Then you should immediately buy a set.

If you don’t need this – why you’re reading this? But just kidding, if you don’t know it exactly – just think what you want to invest, how many empty plugs do you have in your flat and whether you want to invest that kind of money in your old lights and things.  We think this is the most hardest decision for gadgets we had so far because on the one hand side we can say – it’s amazing to use it here in our office, but we also know that if you have a light or a light-chain as we do for under 10 bucks – it makes no sense because it’s a bad deal to invest almost 160 Euros for a thing which costs less than 10 Euros. But if you want to create a smart-home which good quality products, warranty and a great customer support, you should think about it, because the quality of the AP and the Plug is really good. Products are stable, looking great and perform great results with safety standards. So you can’t make a wrong decision – just inform you and we hope, that our little review helps you a little bit for your decision. Thanks for reading and again a special thanks for the cooperation with eQ-3 and the Products for Review / Test.

Homematic IP Starter Set Licht

Homematic IP Starter Set Licht


8.5 /10

Aussehen / Design

9.8 /10

Verarbeitung / Quality

9.2 /10


7.5 /10


  • Für alle Lampen geeignet / For all of your lights
  • Einfach zu nutzen / Easy to use
  • Sicherheit / Safety
  • Kombinierbarkeit / Ability to combine with other Homematic IP Products


  • Anschaffungskosten / Price
  • Nur für Lichtquellen / Only for light-Devices
  • Nicht kompatibel mit Farbspielen / You're not able to change colours
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