Hey, below you’ll find the changelog for our nice little Homepage:

Version 1.7 (10.December.2019):

-Plugins update

Gaming Videos are now available on a separate YouTube Channel


Version 1.6 (22.November.2019):

-Plugins update

-WP 5.3 Update


Version 1.5.5 (23.June.2019):

-Plugins update

-Additional Cooperation-Partner


Version 1.5.5 (10.June.2019):

-Plugins update

-WordPress update


Version 1.5.4 (14.April.2019):

-Plugins updates

-IP Block preparations because of Article13

-Privacy Policy update

-We are now a part of the Amazon Partnerprogram for Affiliate links

-Foodpornagency.de is now our website as well and you’ll be forwarded to foodpornagency.technichub.de


Version 1.5.3 (18.March.2019):

-Plugin updates

-Technicbot is now available

-Updating foodpornagency.technichub.de  to Version 0.2


Version 1.5.2 (08.March.2019):

-Plugin updates

-Contact Page updated


Version 1.5.1 (24.February.2019):

-WordPress update

-Plugin updates


Version 1.5 (01.February.2019):

-Google+ removed (Google will disable Google+ in the near future)

-New Subdomain: https://foodpornagency.technichub.de for Cooking class Videos

-New Game for Livestreams

-Plugin updates


Version 1.4.8 (22.December.2018):

-WordPress is running on 5.0.2

-Update for the Friends page


Version 1.4.7.b (23.November.2018):

-A new cooperation partner is available

-Updating the right Info Box about the upcoming projects


Version 1.4.7.a (16.November.2018):

-WeView Icon and Shortcut integrated

–WeView will be used from now on for videos which are not sponsored


Version 1.4.6 (31.October.2018):

-Activation of GoogleAnalytics

-The website will now collect additional Cookies because of that, also if you disagree to Analytics. In this case the page creates one cookie to disable the Analytics Feature.

–We informed ourselfes to get sure that the information are correct about the contract in digital form. BMI said it’s correct




–AnonymizeIP activated





Version 1.4.5 (27.October.2018):

-qTranslate-X removed and qTranslate-XT 3.5.1 (Github Community Edition) installed

-Updated Czech Language Preset


Version 1.4.4 (25.October.2018):

-PHP update to Version 7.2

-Modification of the qTranslate X Plugin for the latest PHP Version

-New cooperation partner available


Version 1.4.3 (12.October.2018):

-Technichub has now his own Technichub-Twitch Channel

–Social Icon is now available for Twitch

—Videos will be migrated from previous channel to the Technichub Twitch Channel


Version 1.4.2 (29.September.2018):

-Cookie-Note is now in our footer and the second Cookie-Note is gone.


Version 1.4.1.a (23.September.2018):

-Streaming schedule is now available on the right sidebar


Version 1.4 (19.September.2018):

-Optimization for a better performance

-We moved to a different Server. Now less people have to share the Server with others – will increase the speed.


Version 1.3.6 (18.September.2018):

-Preparation for the upcoming Update 1.5 have started

–Language optimization for Russian, Czech, Afrikaans


Version (08.September.2018):

-Updated the Cooperation-Partners Site


Version 1.3.5 (01.September.2018):

-Russian language removed because of an Plug-In Error (Plug-In shows incorrect cyrillic letters)


Version 1.3.4 (27.July.2018):

-New Sub category



Version 1.3.3 (13.May.2018):

-New Menu

–More Technichub


—Our Services

-New Beta Site available (https://beta.technichub.de)


Version 1.3.2 (03.May.2018 – Data Privacy EU DSGVO Part 3):

-Surveymonkey removed from this page

-Technichub don’t need your IP Adress. That’s the reason why we’ve deactivated this setting (german screenshot below)

–Signed a contract because of the DSGVO with our Provider All-Inkl (Auftragsverarbeitungsvereinbarung)







-Signed this contract too with Google because of Google Analytics. As soon we haven’t back the signed copy of this contract (Auftragsverarbeitungsvereinbarung) we have decided to deactivate this feature until we’ve got it back


Version 1.3.1 (29.April.2018- Data Privacy EU DSGVO Part 2):

-Embedded Tweets, Videos, Instagram Posts and more replaced with screenshots.


Version 1.3 (18.April.2018 – Data Privacy EU DSGVO):

-Disqus comment section removed

-Deactivate Google Analytics

-Deactivate Jetpack Analytics

–Jetpack will be only used to work with the WordPress Apps on Smartphones and other Devices but it won’t collect any kind of Data.

-Leave a comment is now only working on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Vero


Version 1.2 (21.Mar.2018):

-The Homepage has from now on an SSL Certificate

–https://www.technichub.de or https://technichub.de are now available

-Facebook Like Box on the right hand side has been removed


Version 1.1.9.d (17.Feb.2018):

-The page Cooperation-Partners has now Anchor-points

-Page Break Buttons available for bigger Articles




Version 1.1.9.c (16.Feb.2018:

-Add Disqus Feature

–Comment Articles via Guest-Mode

-Update for category Gadgets

–Sub category Comfort zone

-Update for category Videogames

–Renamed sub categroy from Latest news into Latest Gaming News

-New category: Movies & Shows


Version 1.1.9.b (11.Feb.2018):

-Pinterest Page available


Version 1.1.9.a (03.Feb.2018):

-Installed Media Library Folders Plugin


Version 1.1.8 (04.Jan.2018):

-Cooperation-Partners Page available

-Surveys will be created with Surveymonkey


Version 1.1.7.a (16.Dec.2017):

-Changing Page Title from LGBT+ into LGBTQ+


Version 1.1.7 (12.Dec.2017):

-Contact Page available


Version 1.1.6 (02.Dec.2017):

-Vid.me Plugin removed (Vid.me shutdown in December)

-Demo Videos available via Youtube


Version 1.1.5 (26.Nov.2017):

-GooglePlus Page available

-Mobile menu integration

-Age restriction is from now on in the Review Box at the end of each review


Version 1.1.4.b (22.Nov.2017):

-Instagram Page available


Version 1.1.4.a (21.Nov.2017):

-Better resolution for Thumbnails


Version 1.1.4 (19.Nov.2017):

-Pinterest Integration

-Google Analytics Update (surfing with anonymized IP)



-Additional sub-category:


—Latest news

-New Widget: Friends


Version 1.1.3 (17.Nov.2017):

-New Team Plugin

-Additional sub-category:




Version 1.1.2.a (12.Nov.2017):

-Update for the About Us Team Plug-In

-Usage improvement for Categories and #Hashtags


Version 1.1.2 (07.Nov.2017):

-Plugin Updates and some changes

-Like Box

-Changed positions for some Widgets

-Facbook Page available

-Twitter Page available

-Coming soon Feed available


Version 1.1.1 (27.Oct.2017):

-Social Media Share and Like Buttons Integration


Version 1.1 (20.Oct.2017):

-Changing Theme -> Mesocolumn

-Update for our categories


—Smart Home









–Homepage Logo Upload

–You can now change the Language on the right hand side

–The menu is now much more powerful and colourful 😉


Version 1.0 (18.Oct.2017):

-Homepage Release

-Menu Structure incl. categories






–Hardware & Technic

-WP Theme Dorayaki


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