It’s not easy to find a perfect Headset. There are thousands of different ones available, wired or wireless. That’s the reason why we’ve looked a little bit for a new Bluetooth Headset. This one which we tested – is well known in China. This one costs us less than 7 Euros. We’ve bought it on Ebay. But the question is – is it worth or not. #Technichub will show you this and more below. Have fun!


You’re walking along the street, pull out your smartphone out of your bag and then it happens. The cable is defective and one of your Headphones are not working any longer. This happens to us a few months before. So we checked out the web to look for something new. We found this interesting Bluetooth Headset from Ebay from less than 7 Euro. Especially because we love #Gadgets – we know immediately, that we want to make a review about that product to show you how it is. But let’s get serious and talk a little bit about the specs:



  • Type:  Headset
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1
  • Battery: Unknown – should work between 1,5 – 2 hours
  • Weight: max. 15g
  • Connection: Micro USB
  • Box Content: BT Headset, Micro-USB to USB cable, Quick-Start Guide.

Bluetooth Headset

Well, it sounds not so good if you look again at the specs isn’t? But what we can say at the beginning is, that the price is fantastic. The setup is also very easy. You must pair your devices with #Bluetooth. For this – you must turn on Bluetooth on your PC, Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone or whatever and then you must press the Power On Button for 3 seconds on your new Headset. When the lights blink blue and red, your Device is in the pairing mode. Now you can choose the Device on your Device which shall get a connection to the BT Headset. That’s it, the setup is now finished.

From now on you’re able to listen to music. Trough Bluetooth 4.1 with A2DP and AVRCP you can listen to your whole library, Videos or Audiobooks. It also has a built-in microphone – that means you can call someone when you’re on the go. You also have the possibility to change the volume with the built-in volume buttons. But that’s it, there are no more features.20171210_150547

But why we do a review for this little piece of technology? Well, the Device got after a few weeks more and more problems and we want to write about the problems. Of course, 7 Euro is not expensive but we think you can invest this little amount of money better in something, like in a pizza or you save up a little bit and buy a better one.

Audio and voice quality

The Audio quality is surprisingly good. It sounds good for this price and also the bass is nice to hear. For normal customers, it’s totally fine.  Also if you are on a call you can hear the other one on his phone. But if you want to talk them too, it’s become tricky. Because the microphone quality is not so good. If you are out for a walk and it’s windy – don’t take calls or try to ring somebody. You would punish the other one with the bad microphone quality. You also should now walk because as soon as there is a little movement there, the connection struggles a lot.



One of the special thinks we liked here is the Design. The Earphones looks like a direct copy of #Apples #AirPods. But they are everything else than comfortable in your ears. Maybe it has something to do with the weight of the BT Headset or something else but the original from Apple is much comfier in your ears.

But we also like the flat cable/ribbon cable. With totally 15g of weight is the headset really light but you feel it in your ear where the remote is too. After a little bit, the earplug flying out of your ear.

Negative things

Fort his point we want to get a little bit more into details. Because after a few days and weeks, we had the first big issues with the device. If you are on tour and you’ve plugged in the Headset, don’t have your Smartphone on the same side as the remote from your headset. Otherwise, your connection will be worse and it will lose the connection to your smartphone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Bluetooth or not – the Headset will lose the connection. You also should not do things with your arms and hands because as soon as you move then, the connection will struggle again.

20171210_150530The Earplugs are also not perfectly made for ears. Yes, it has something to do with the size of your ears but this model just has one default size and for most of the people, the size won’t feel comfy and the plugs fall out. Thank god there is a clip which you can use on your shirt to fix this issue.

But another big issue is the quality. The material is very cheap, maybe the cheapest plastic you’ve ever seen. But after a little bit, the left piece of the Headset is now defective. It hangs on 2 little cables and you must stick them together every time. As soon as you pull out the plug from your ear, you must stick them together. The glue inside has gone but we don’t where he is.

But of course, you can deal with this little problems, because the device still works fine with it. And you must calculate this kind of risks with a price of 7 Euro for this kind of Headset. But there is another issue. It’s the battery. You can use the Headset for 1,5 – 2 hours. As more often you turn on and turn off the device, your battery run time will increase dramatically. It depends also whether you walk or not because the Device loses a bunch of time the connection for a little bit and cracks. As soon as the Device has a little bit battery left – the Device will speak with you. You’ll hear “Please charge”. We like the idea of a headset which is talking to you….


But if everything works and you are sitting or something – you can use the Device for 1,5 hours. If you are at the gym or on your way at work, it will work absolutely fine. Afterwards, you must charge it again. Thank god you have a built-in micro-USB port. You can power the device from your PC, a different USB Plug or something else which USB.  Because we’d charged the device the whole night, we cant say exactly, how long you need until its charged but we think the maximum is 2,5 hours. Afterwards, it should be fully charged. We also think that the capacity of the battery is 100 mAh. There is no information about that but if we compare the hours and charging – we calculate 100 mah.


We don’t like to say that but we also want to be honest with you guys. Don’t buy it. If you are like cheap gadgets to try them – it’s not worth. You can invest 7 Euro in much better things or you save it up a little bit and then you are able to buy a much better one. Maybe you should look for the Anker Bluetooth Headset, it costs a little bit more but the battery should work up to 7 hours. Maybe we’ll test it in 2018.



9.0 /10

Preis / Price

9.8 /10

Verarbeitung / Quality

3.5 /10

Verbindung / Connection

1.5 /10

Akku / Battery

2.0 /10


  • Preis / Price
  • Design


  • Akku / Battery
  • Verarbeitung / Quality
  • Verbindung / Connection
  • Verarbeitung / Quality,Bluetooth Headset,Cheap,China Copy,Ebay,Günstig,Headset,Review,TestIt’s not easy to find a perfect Headset. There are thousands of different ones available, wired or wireless. That’s the reason why we’ve looked a little bit for a new Bluetooth Headset. This one which we tested – is well known in China. This one costs us less than...Eine Seite für Technikbegeisterte