Hey, below you’ll find the changelog for our nice little Homepage:

Version 1.1.9.d (17.Feb.2018):

-The page Cooperation-Partners has now Anchor-points

-Page Break Buttons available for bigger Articles




Version 1.1.9.c (16.Feb.2018:

-Add Disqus Feature

–Comment Articles via Guest-Mode

-Update for category Gadgets

–Sub category Comfort zone

-Update for category Videogames

–Renamed sub categroy from Latest news into Latest Gaming News

-New category: Movies & Shows


Version 1.1.9.b (11.Feb.2018):

-Pinterest Page available


Version 1.1.9.a (03.Feb.2018):

-Installed Media Library Folders Plugin


Version 1.1.8 (04.Jan.2018):

-Cooperation-Partners Page available

-Surveys will be created with Surveymonkey


Version 1.1.7.a (16.Dec.2017):

-Changing Page Title from LGBT+ into LGBTQ+


Version 1.1.7 (12.Dec.2017):

-Contact Page available


Version 1.1.6 (02.Dec.2017):

-Vid.me Plugin removed (Vid.me shutdown in December)

-Demo Videos available via Youtube


Version 1.1.5 (26.Nov.2017):

-GooglePlus Page available

-Mobile menu integration

-Age restriction is from now on in the Review Box at the end of each review


Version 1.1.4.b (22.Nov.2017):

-Instagram Page available


Version 1.1.4.a (21.Nov.2017):

-Better resolution for Thumbnails


Version 1.1.4 (19.Nov.2017):

-Pinterest Integration

-Google Analytics Update (surfing with anonymized IP)



-Additional sub-category:


—Latest news

-New Widget: Friends


Version 1.1.3 (17.Nov.2017):

-New Team Plugin

-Additional sub-category:




Version 1.1.2.a (12.Nov.2017):

-Update for the About Us Team Plug-In

-Usage improvement for Categories and #Hashtags


Version 1.1.2 (07.Nov.2017):

-Plugin Updates and some changes

-Like Box

-Changed positions for some Widgets

-Facbook Page available

-Twitter Page available

-Coming soon Feed available


Version 1.1.1 (27.Oct.2017):

-Social Media Share and Like Buttons Integration


Version 1.1 (20.Oct.2017):

-Changing Theme -> Mesocolumn

-Update for our categories


—Smart Home









–Homepage Logo Upload

–You can now change the Language on the right hand side

–The menu is now much more powerful and colourful 😉


Version 1.0 (18.Oct.2017):

-Homepage Release

-Menu Structure incl. categories






–Hardware & Technic

-WP Theme Dorayaki